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Food coloring agents

Under the brand FRUCTA, GECOTRAP LLC offers a wide range of food colouring agents on different bases depending on scope of use, and meeting your specific needs.

Depending on your manufacture constraints, your expectations and desires, our team will offer you attractive colouring solutions and direct you to the product that best meets your needs.

By using FRUCTA, you will have the assurance to:
- Have bright and stable colors.
- Comply fully with regulations.
- Present an appetizing and attractive finished product.

Use :
Drinks, confectionery, pastries (macaroons, sugar paste, marzipan, royal ice cream, fondant, butter cream, etc.., dairy products.

Packaging :
Powder: 5gr bags, 20gr, 50gr, 100gr, 250gr, 500gr, and 1kg cans, 25kg boxes
Liquid: 25cl bottles

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