Our main mission consists of the satisfaction and development of our customers' loyalty. For this purpose, we offer them a full and varied range of powerful and innovative products ...

The company

Founded in 2003, GECOTRAP LLC is a Tunisian company specialized in the production of catering trade products.

GECOTRAP range of products is developed continuously and includes food flavorings, raw materials for pastry and bakery, raw materials for ice cream, in addition to food additives and ingredients.

GECOTRAP adopted a targeted strategy of product diversification to ensure its customers are offered a wide range of products that best meet their ever-growing needs and requirements.

To achieve its goal: to satisfy and develop customers’ loyalty, develop new markets and increasingly expand its external market, GECOTRAP LLC gives equal attention to product quality control, responsiveness, and to meeting deadlines. 

Thus, a process of continuous improvement is permanently underway through the integration of quality control and food safety new technologies, and the implementation of new processing methods of customers’ orders (planning , scheduling, ..) and improvement of human resources management.

Today GECOTRAP LLC has become a key player in the Tunisian market, much renowned and recognized for its quality products.

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